Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Training Facilities

Just as our name indicates, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the heart of Big Sky Country, the RMESTC has space for tremendous amounts of training apparatus while still being in close proximity to Helena and all of its’ amenities.

The Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center has multiple classrooms dedicated to ARFF training. The Training Center has two dedicated ARFF vehicles, a Rosenbaur 1500-gallon ARFF truck and the 300-gallon ARFF truck.  There are also two additional 1500-gallon ARFF trucks and a 750-gallon ARFF truck available for specialized training.  The variety of ARFF vehicles allows students to participate in hands-on familiarization with the ARFF truck they have at their home stations.  The smaller 300-gallon truck is very effective for training smaller commercial or general aviation Airports.

Other conveniences of the RMESTC buildings include men’s and women’s locker rooms, administrative offices, turnout room, SCBA storage room as well as a control room. All of the buildings and classroom areas are furnished with high-quality amenities allowing students to learn in a comfortable setting while training at the RMESTC.

Safety is at the forefront of what we do at the RMESTC and there are many training and safety aids incorporated into our buildings. The control room contains two computer systems which control both the 737 SAFT and Spill Fire mock-ups which provide back-up assurance and extra safety measures to our students. A camera system records the training for the students to review in the classroom and DVD’s are available for students to keep.  Thumb drives of all live burns will be provided to each agency.

Two separate outdoor covered classroom/viewing areas provide cover from varying weather conditions while still allowing students to be close in order to observe training scenarios.

The facility includes a 1.2 mile professional driving track as well as an off-road driving course. The track is utilized by many different groups for a variety of different functions such as Sports Car Clubs, motorcycle safety and drag racing events – if you have interest in renting the track, visit our Rent the Track page.

The RMESTC also boasts an array of mobile training mock-up devices, available on-site as a stand-alone class or can be added to any of the many courses we offer. The structural fire trailer trainer provides all the real-world emergency scenarios and fires Firefighters might expect when responding to a structure fire. Alongside the structural fire trainer, a Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) trainer provides the most realistic Hazmat response scenarios in a safe, contained area. Lastly, a car mobile trainer as well as a Black Hawk Helicopter mobile trainer, round out the fleet. Any of these can be added at your request to further the training you receive here at the RMESTC.