Facility Safety Measures

The Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center focuses on safety. Whether it is the safety of our students, instructors, or to the environment – the RMESTC is committed to providing a safe training environment for all.

The training center was designed with redundant safety systems to ensure the greatest level of safety for our students and instructors. The computer controlled equipment requires a complete safety system check prior to each burn. The computer monitors each training event to detect any abnormalities and can shut the burn down immediately if necessary. In addition, there are a number of manual shut-offs as well as a hand-held radio system that also has the ability to shut down any of the systems. On-site medical assistance and supplies are provided in case of emergency.

The RMESTC is also environmentally friendly. The propane fueled fire systems provide dense smoke for realistic fire scenarios. This smoke dissipates quickly due to the lack of heavy carbon particles. Additional non-toxic smoke can be added to any of the training scenarios to increase the level of difficulty for ARFF students. Although the runoff from the fire-fighting contains virtually no contaminants, the water is collected in a system that can hold the residue, or it can be pumped into the municipal sewage treatment plant.

A large number of breathing apparatus, bunker/turn-outs, entry tools, and other training equipment are located at the facility. An on-site air filling station ensures breathing apparatus units are always ready for training. Though this equipment is on-site, for the highest level of safety we recommend that students bring their own fit-tested turn-outs.

Our seasoned instructors alongside our state-of-the-art facility provide the safest means for training available today.