737 SAFT Trainer

Specialized Aircraft Fire Training

The RMESTC 737 Specialized Aircraft Fire Trainer (SAFT) is the heart of this facility. The extremely realistic mockup is equipped with numerous propane “fire places” to provide training in all required categories. The instructors can select engine, wheel, cockpit, baggage compartment, lavatory, and interior fires. The passenger compartment is equipped with seats, overhead bins, and emergency exits that replicate a 737 airliner. Flames can be kept under the seats or they can completely fill the interior of the mockup.

Smoke generators provides additional smoke, simulating the worst fire conditions a fire fighter would encounter. The mockup is complete with three safety systems (computer, radio, and manual kill devices) and 5,000 cubic foot per minute exhaust fan system that can clear the cabin in thirty seconds if needed. The mockup doors, including entry to the cockpit and lavatory, are airline size to insure students become accustomed to the narrow entry doors in airlines. The mockup is fully painted and almost appears to be flight ready.