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  • Specialized Aircraft Fire Training
    Specialized Aircraft Fire Training

The Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center (RMESTC) continually provides some of the most realistic emergency responder training in the world. Located at the Helena Regional Airport in Helena, Montana, the RMESTC is designed to provide specialized training for all emergency responders in a safe and controlled environment.

Our Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) training programs have been modified to provide students the most hands-on training available. Any scenario encountered on an airfield can be re-created and tailored to produce the most realistic training available. Classes available range from 40-hour basic ARFF certification to intermediate recertification courses. These intermediate courses are carried out during the night; again, with the intention of creating real experiences for our students.

In 2013, the RMESTC acquired multiple emergency simulation devices that further the scope of training received. Added equipment includes four mobile Fire Training Simulators. A Blackhawk Helicopter, Structural Fire Simulator, Car Trainer, as well as a HazMat trainer.

The RMESTC has continually acquired state-of-the-art training devices. In 2014, the RMESTC worked closely with FedEx and Delta Airlines to receive two real decommissioned aircraft; a Boeing 727 FedEx cargo plane as well as a CRJ-200 regional jet. These are aircraft in which most regional ARFF crews would expect to encounter. These new training devices allow the most hands on application of emergency situations.

At the start of 2017, the RMESTC acquired all new SCBA’s as well as turn-out gear for all RMESTC students. The SCBA’s come equipped with high capacity 4500 psi bottles and full communication capability. The communications within the SCBA’s allow seamless instruction and communication with our RMESTC instructors. A new cascade bottle filling station was also installed to keep up with the demand of higher capacity bottles.

In the future the RMESTC also plans to construct a structural burn building to facilitate training to municipal fire response agencies as well as police departments and SWAT teams. The RMESTC will partner with the Helena College of Technology to bring this great opportunity to a vast amount of training firemen and women.

In addition to all the spectacular ARFF training available, the RMESTC is also home to a 1.2 mile closed driving track and six acre skid pad. The track can be rented for many different uses. Some of the current users are law enforcement, motorcycle safety, Helena Valley Timing Association (drag races) and SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). Classroom space can also be rented for meetings and events. For more information, visit our Rent the Track page.

RMESTC training, with the assistance of our state-of-the-art equipment and world class instructors can now be tailored to meet the specific needs of the users at our location or yours. For more information please contact Kelly Tuck (, RMESTC coordinator, at 406-431-0678.

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