Rent the Track

The driving track is used for various automotive activities. It is rented to various law enforcement agencies, such as the Montana Law Enforcement Academy, Montana Highway Patrol, and the City of Helena Police Department, for driver training exercises. In addition, various automotive enthusiast groups, such as the Sports Car Club of America and Hyalite Corvette Club, have used it as well. Numerous automotive enthusiast groups have also rented the track to hold drag races. Other uses may include motorcycle training, go-carting and advanced adult driver courses. Other automotive events can be set up on the 6 acre skid-pad located in the center of the track. We require each agency or group that uses the driving track to carry a liability insurance policy of $1 million minimum, in addition to paying our use fees of $425 per day. We also have annual use fees available to the more frequent users of the track. Groups utilizing the driving track facilities include:

Each organizations that rents the track will have to provide their own use-specific insurance policies. In addition, proof of insurance will have to be presented to the Helena Regional Airport Authority prior to the use of the driving track facility.

The driving track at the Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center can be rented out to groups, organizations, and individuals for a variety of driving purposes.

The track user fees are $275 for a half day (4 hours), $425 for a full day (8 hours), or $700 for a weekend. In addition to paying the user fee, each user must provide liability insurance of $1 million each occurrence minimum, and list the Helena Regional Airport Authority as the additional insured. Proof of this policy must be present in the Airport Administration Office prior to use of the track facility. Track users are required to follow all rules and regulations set by the Airport Authority at all times. User agreements will need to be entered into between interested parties and the Airport to define the aforementioned rules and regulations. To get more information, or to schedule the use of the driving track, contact Kelly Tuck at 406-442-2821 or Ross Marty at 406-442-2821, M-F 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

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